Inspirational Stories About Children with Special Needs

By Janet O' Keefe, & New York Times Top 10 Best Selling Author Raymond Aaron


A Must Read for Parents of Children with Special Needs

Navigating the educational system can be a complicated and stressful process for parents of children with any special need and the professionals who support them alike. In this book, Janet O’Keefe brings her unique perspective as both a therapist and also a parent of a child with his own unique challenges to The Ordinariness of Impairment.

This book explores the complexities of the educational system in England and gives practical advice to navigate it. Exploring recent legislative changes, Janet also shares their impact on the system. Throughout this book, she shares stories of those who have come before and how parents, teachers, therapists and solicitors were able to be successful advocates for children.

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They will talk about the current educational system in the UK from the legal perspective, strategies for developing emotional well-being, physical well-being and share specialist examples of excellence from the UK, US and Canada.

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About Janet

headshots_janetJanet is an author and also organiser of SEN (Special Educational Needs) Conferences held in the UK each year sponsored and hosted by an international firm of solicitors, Field Fisher and is developing this into a global membership community for parents and professionals to work together by creating a network of individuals, families and professionals who celebrate diversity and want to share and explore solutions, strategies and ideas for enhancing life. It is evolving, interactive and inclusive. Janet is motivated to help everyone, with and without communication challenges, connect by giving you a voice and enabling your voice to be heard.